Friday , January 27 2023

Bill Gates points out what we need to know before starting …


Bill Gates worked at the end of the week and did not take a vacation in the early years since Microsoft's establishment. According to, some of these victims need to create a company.

"I did not believe at the end of the week, I knew everyone's registration number, and I can find out who was there and who is missing out on the parking lot." The billionaire told TechCrunch, quoted by BusinessCnsider.

Gates, however, thinks that people can "know about the idea of ​​hard work", which he does not recommend to anyone.

When he was over 30, Philanthropy surprised the graphics in the early years of Microsoft. He says that he has started taking advantage of the end of the week and it has become natural. In his words, time has passed and he has understood the situation, he is frightened by a man over 20 years old.

Gates argued that this dedication was important. He thinks that the team which is far away from the company is very enjoyable to choose as hard and dedicated. The billionaire has expressed that it is necessary to ruin a business when a business starts.

However, Gates has acknowledged the biggest mistake ever made in his work and today's regrets. This is a missed opportunity to change what Microsoft is all about.

"Smaller issues bring great results that many businesses do not apply to, and services are not so important, but when it comes to the software, these differences become huge," Gates said.

Microsoft's co-founder is the world's second richest person and valued at $ 107 billion. He started the company in 1975 and today has 1% business.

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