Friday , January 15 2021

Blah and Zlatka spoke of death and confused the mystery surrounding the Big Brother ring! Blitz

We are among those who are not interested in insagrams and yellow media. If they are not our relatives to inform us, then we only take care of each other. Montola Zlatka Raikova said this before. She had her favorite Blaiseau Giorgio beside him.

"If I had been tied to what I was reading, I would have committed suicide a long time ago." She, my children, my family, my parents and my brother are those people that I include most people. "I do not know why there is no death after me. I do not know much about Bulgaria, and it is not," said Blagaye.

Blago said, "Nobody has seen us and we have not enjoyed us. All people stop us and tell us that we were very sweet in the big brother."

Zlatka commented on her former Georgie, who said in an interview last month, "If someone is grateful for getting rid of me, they will not give such an interview." I can say that – I have a mistake, which I have allowed to give it that I have not shared it with, and I have repeatedly said that I do not want to provide marriage, it apparently makes it air, I am sorry That is to say yes to "national air," he admitted.

"I have given all my rights to my lawyer who has already brought the case and will hear all those trying to destroy the name of mine and Jhalati. I have taken action against all the sites and newspapers where the date is only true and those who have withdrawn my name Against those people who have tried, "Blago said, but did claim against Zlatka-Georgina's former or not. He added that he had filed a case for his interview with Ventis Stefanov.

Blonde admitted that "George has been a closed page for me for half a year, and if he did not approve of defining God with specific words, I would have kept silence."

Jesus said nervously, "Well, if a man has a woman, he is forbidden to me, I'm going to steal somebody's women."

"I think we'll forgive such people," said Zlatka.

Gisse said again, "Everyone is forgiven, everyone makes mistakes, and if we all want to hate us, then we love Zlatie and why two people can not love each other."

"Everyone feels profitable and comfortable, and they think that as long as we know and have links behind us, we can not love it, but that is not the case."

"I do not know what ring I wanted from Big Brother, I lost it in the house, what did I demand for my hand and there was no ring there, so I did not offer it at the show, it is a very important step, nearby people , "Blagas responded not to engagement in the house, even though he asked for a ring from Bradhead.

"I'll never forgive, I'll be sorry but now we will not be together," he said.

"I have great respect for myself and my parents, and they are even more respected than me," Zlatka said.

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