Tuesday , August 3 2021

Bulgaria. | Bidzed tried to sell the flight wagon on the Light Rail

Two days after Bidis sold his freight wagon, Transport Minister Rosen Zielzekkov, who was running on a narrow strip of Septemvryt-Dobrinště, stopped the venture.

The first auction was done on November 20 with the cost of 359 wagons and 2315 to 3921. The second auction was fixed on November 30, but it was stopped by the minister until it was sold economically, the Ministry of Transportation announced the ministry.

Rhodopian narrow gauge

This auction was distributed by the site of Rhododops (www.tesnolineikata.com), behind which Christian Wyklinov and Evelo Mehndigiev are young.

In 2013, Christian wrote in a letter to the then Prime Minister Plamen Oresaska, detailing how important the people of Rhodes are narrow-gauge railroads, the railway line is a unique engineering facility, enough passengers are there and stay in the future. He also collected signatures to protect narrow gauges, and he was saved.

Freight Future

The site now reports that Bidies wants to sell all freight wagon on narrow gauge, because an unknown Sophia professional has gone to the Dobrinist to find them. The site reminds that this year, the Romanian company has bought the narrow-wagon freight vagon 11, which has been managed for construction and tourism purposes.

Site verification has shown that there are 6 types of freight wagon types – Tanks, Wooden Wagg, Metal Vegan, Platform and Bulk Vegan, as well as two Prototype Grain Transit Wagons, the organization hopes to stock Bidzed on stock, for at least different types of tourist purposes.

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