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Bulgaria – Slovenia 1-0, Gallien Ivanov "lions"

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Tournament: League of Nations
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GOAL FOR SOLIDAR 1: 1 !! Rasser note!

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Pattar hubwave last bowled. Peter Savage Will be replaced Spas delays.

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Strahl Pope Accepts a yellow card.

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ГОООЛ ЗА БЪЛГАРИЯ !!! Galeen Ivanovi !! 1: 0 !! The great pleasure of the 68th minute "Vasil Lesski" led us as a result of "triggers". Everyone started with Vasil Bochiko, and made a perfect password for the Straight Poll. Kasabashpa's defender did not waste time at all, and suddenly he led to naked Galin Ivanov. The budding football players played professionally and played 1: 0 in a flat mat type beam.

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Nikolai Dimitrov Participation in this match ended. Instead, he appears on the pitch Galin Innovan.

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There was a dangerous Slovenian attack between Georgia Costa Rodeo and his colleagues. Elishichi was abandoned. But he missed the good shooting corridor.

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Change of Bulgarian team Radezlav Wasselv The current striker will be replaced up to now Stanislav Costot.

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Slovenia camp change Dervishevich We will miss a game and we will see instead Ginger.

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First yellow card in the competition. This is former Ludojorost – Roman Catholic.

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POPOV! At this afternoon, Bulgaria's achievements continued at the national stadium. Ipline Popov was forced to step down in the gollekperamp disappearing. But Glovinian gloss was discovered by the head of the head.

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New lost too! Second goal goal for Cyprus

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Game renews!

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Josap Iglikin has been beaten by three of our defensors and shows his classmates. At that moment, Vasil Bochikov stabbed him to death at the door of George Petkova and stabbed him to death.

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Uncomfortable news from Nicosia in Norah is a visit to Cyprus. Mark chamber!

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KOSTOV !! In the 33th minute, Stanisław watched a publicly called "Vasil Levski" in Kostov. Strikers in non-17 fought for Slovenia-resistant balls, and then took a defeat on the field's boundary. However, his earnings are more misleading than a jealousy.

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After a free kick in the 30th minute, Amir Dervizjevi gained the pressure of "lions". However, the ball hit the ball and the injured ball could not get out.

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Strock Popov's good century, which was hanged for a moment, made it difficult for many bowlers. Finally, the former guard of balloon box was boxed.

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The Youth and Sports Minister Cruzne Kralev, the main competition of the company of Bulgarian Football Union president Bilsislav Mi'ilayev, is being monitored.

The Youth and Sports Minister Cruzne Kralev, the main competition of the company of Bulgarian Football Union president Bilsislav Mi'ilayev, is being monitored.

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KOSTOV !! Bulgarian answer is too late! Earlier in the day, Vasil Bochikov took steps to dissuade Nodalkov. He immediately joined the Stanislav Costo and, like an opponent Verbin, shot at the doorstep.

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Verbibe! If we do not hide our luck in the eleventh minute, things will get worse for the Bulgarian team. Our opponents in Roman Azaki handed over a crossroads to Verbi's defeat. FC Copenhagen starter found the tollball, but Pete's top beam top.

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"Lions" gave the first hint of their magnificent hopes in the eighth minute. Stanley Pope is second Mid-range jumping test.

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Later, a red kit caught out of a penalty area goes to the right side of Nietzschule. Meiji Says was a mad traveler who immediately shot from the border of Mika. His joy was too weak to reach the quarter of Nicholide Bodhruvah.

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Long-running work started in the Slovenes section. Our team in the second minute was a mistake. Barzillo was not brought to the goal goalkeeper only from Skuj. But Giorgi Petkov carefully pushed herself into a decisive sword.

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The beginning of the main road!

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Our national football team has a crucial moment. A final attack on his election to Peter Hubcheche of the League of Nations For this purpose, we must defeat Slovene this evening, while Syria's C, Division 3 – hopes to get anything out of our biggest rivals in Norway.

Slovenia's star in Bulgaria: all rivals are a big inspiration for us

Slovenia's star in Bulgaria: all rivals are a big inspiration for us

"We Play for Success"

Our actions and indicators are equal to Viking. If they succeed we can defeat them more than they do.

Our team has not played in "Vasil Levski" for so long. The competition to let forward. If we complete the group first, we will qualify for the final stage with the winners of the other three groups in our division. The first will receive a visa for European Championship in 2020.

How does the meeting between Bulgaria and Slovenia in the League of Nations end?

Slovenia has a strong success

At least Slovenia has a success

No success

A clear victory for Bulgaria

With Bulgaria less successful

I can not judge

In addition to the football boosts, we also offer the 2.2 million Lee Critical Prizes by Group C winning. Do not forget that a promotion for Division 2 will automatically get us.

Slovenian Breyer: Bulgaria has the advantage of winning the group

Slovenian Breyer: Bulgaria has the advantage of winning the group

What is Igor Benedictick?

The team selected by the team has limited options. We remember that Plaveen Ilyev, Ivan Goranov and Kirill Despotov. Todor Nedelev was punished because of the collected yellow cards. Sponsor of Cyprus Relief Spas Delayev, Nikolai Dimitrov and Stanissev Kostov are the changes in the team.

After losing Bulgaria, turbulent times took place in Slovene's camp. Igor Benjazik led a temporary specialist appointment. This has led to Slovenia's leadership of 17 years for philosophy. A permanent recruitment can only be achieved by winning only our "lions."

Peter Hubcke: We can not justify tension

Peter Hubcke: We can not justify tension

"We have to beat Slovenia," coach said

Striker Andrass Evermann and striker Andreas Scott have been dropped from the squad. At the last moment, it was clear that young dorm Sarnigai was not counted. The big Sloane accident comes from Atlanta's star Josip Eleichich's star.

Hussein's excitement is the main referee of the team that has led our team against Saudi Arabia. His assistants were Mustafa Aichi and Kemal Yalmaz. Additional Assistant Arbitrators are Met Colt and Swat Aralanbaga.

Evelyn Pope: We have the power to fight Slovenia

Popes cuts: We have the power to manage Slovenia

Norway is headed by "Lions" in Cyprus.

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