Thursday , January 21 2021

Bulgaria – The flu is here when most will be sick

Health officials expect that most people will be flu early in January and early February. This was announced by the health ministry's press service.

Flu is already here

Influenza and intensity of intensity of intense respiratory diseases of the country is increasing gradually. November 26 – In the week of December 3, the total epidemic per 10,000 people is 118.3 people. Most patients were registered in age group 0 – 4, then age group 5-14.

The first positive flu sample was received in the first week of the beginning of the season.

Fluence characteristic is sudden cold, fever, general melas, muscle and joint pain. The duration of the infection is 2 to 5 days average at the beginning of the first symptoms. The infection is through the Air Tipple – via sneezing and coughing, but the virus persists in the outer atmosphere and lasts for several hours in a surface and dusty atmosphere.

The most common complications of influenza

Acute viral bronchopneumonia, diagnosis and therapy are difficult, as well as sinusitis, otitis, myocarditis, and so on. There are small children and adult diseases which are most risky for developing complications.

Using antibiotics for viral disease, incompatible with bacterial infections, it is unhealthy and does not help the body. An antibiotic is taken only by the discretion of the doctor, who observes the type, dose and duration of the prescribed preparation.

According to the European Center for Disease Control and Control in Stockholm, the activity of the seasonal influenza virus in the European region of the World Health Organization is currently low.

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