Friday , June 18 2021

Bulgarian tracks in New Mercedes Acres (photos)

Within a month of new Mercedes-Class premiere, the next automobile embossing system developed by Bulgarian engineers has announced the next automobile technology with ancestors. The world's most modern truck's cockpit – the new Acrovs with Active Drive Assist.

The Biological Development Center, Vicente's Bulgarian Development Center, is very large in development of special components of the architecture of the system, from the engineering project. Three different operating systems work on a different device, in order to provide a secure and secure environment for performing specific activities. A revolution of embedded systems uses hardware virtualization software to improve peripherals. This project is based on Viste's Smart Core Technology, which combines many traditional tools into a unified system. With the success of the initial truck project, engineers at the Sofia Development Center have the opportunity to experience a unique experience in heavy duty transport.

During the various shows, Daimler encountered huge newsletters with a series of aromas flagship. The main features of the new trucks are side mirrors, and the cabin is fully digital interiors. Conventional power tools (speedometers, turntables, etc.) could be adjusted to a large display driver. The number of buttons for the dashboard is also very low through touch sensitive steering panels. The drive can change the menus that provide information on traffic conditions, truck conditions, driving mode, multimedia and connected phone.

Other interesting elements of the new actors are:

  • Semi-Autonomous Driving (Following Truck, Lan Never)
  • Identify road signs, objects, road users
  • Lane Land Notification (in case of manual drive), Object Alert in Blind (Blank) Visualization Sector
  • Adjustable Panel view of truck driver preferences and customization of trucks via the driver's profile

In addition to the dash board, intrumensyal Information, steering wheel buttons, quick release button on the bar at the center of display, central display and menus that enable them to easily navigate to the driver, or music, or sport, or several ago to be the most important information on the status of the truck can not be installed in a vehicle and more Varttanannal controls.

The main menus available on the central display are:

  • Media and radio
  • Phone and Smartphone (with Apple Interfaces – CarPlay, Google – AndroidAuto)
  • Lighting control
  • Truck status
  • Alarms
  • Virtual buttons
  • Control the air conditioner

Mercedes-Benz trucks with more than 60 new features have been partially automated driving in series production. The Bulgarian engineers again reaffirmed their world class ideas and abilities.

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