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Closed toilet fire police boss, Kola took a child to a parking lot in Verna


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Fired off the toilet police boss

Sixth RU Bose in Sofia Petar Vasilev entered the news for all the wrong reasons. After a scandal in a restaurant, she had urine in her tree.

Vasilev and his friend stopped in front of the Cafeteria, a high-tech police officer (you stopped and left the car without asking) and asked the window for the toilet. They explained to them that the restaurant was closed and Vasilev was angry. He started growing in the tree and started urinating. Officials gave a signal to the guards, and Vasilev joined his car.

The bill was closed by the Road Police team at Bulgaria Blind but denied the sample of alcohol. So he gave them a note of blood tests in a hospital. After failing to do so, an administrative violation has been established, its driver's license has been canceled for two years and his car has been canceled for 12 months, the head of the SDRC senior commissioner Georgi Hadjivi explains.

He suggested that, on his proposal, Vasilev was expelled from the office and a disciplinary investigation was initiated.


Kola took a child to the parking lot in Varna

In a parking lot in Verna, breaking a car with a foreign registered car and killing a child. A serious incident happened at 17:00 in front of a restaurant in the Sagar Garden, police said.

The car hit the child in maneuver, and the stroke was fatal. Investigations are being conducted on the site in the circumstances surrounding the accident and the reasons have been made clear, police said.


The group's three physicians for counterfeit TELK solutions

The Interior Ministry official, the wrong telco, has introduced itself as the organization of the organized criminal group to make decisions, has passed the entire chain of illegal service and paid the requested amount provided by the Internal Ministry, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geschev: " The MoI employee has paid the final installment and it has been decided by TLK Unable to 50 per cent, but it is healthy. "

Geschev added that the activity of the organized criminal group of three doctors and mediators was announced, and over 100 cases of false THEM decisions were made by the group in Sofia.


The builder gave a garden fence in Maladost 1

On June 27, 2019, the Sofia Municipal Council unanimously resolved the construction of the street and the construction of 3 buildings: canceling the cancellation of the hotel, a residential block and public service building. 73 in Maladost

Today, on June 29, 2019, Garga Simova (GI Stroy) investor put a fence on his land. This is a clear demonstration of ignorance for the SOA and their decision to stop the construction of their earlier decision, the residents of the surrounding blocks declared in the message sent to the media.


The power is only blamed for destruction on the drivers

Due to driver violations, 96% of the destruction of 2018 occurred. Regional development and public works were announced by Fletcher by the Ambassador Minister, "Effective Models and Tools to Increase the Transportation System Safety" was announced on the round table. In their opinion, the topic of road safety is related to the entire society. "It is very important to look at this topic thoroughly and to analyze all the components of drivers, infrastructure, vehicles." When we talk about the safety of the road, we pay attention to traffic accidents, "said Mr. Awarao.

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How Bulgaria will fight to change the weather with wood

Wood and charcoal. This is Bulgaria's response to the challenges in modern times. It sounds absurd, but instead of building new photovoltaic and wind farms, Bulgaria will burn wood to meet EU's new renewable energy targets. This has been recorded in National Energy and Climate Plan by 2030.

The document criticized by EC in the past week, plans to reduce the share of sun and wind in the country's electricity production, while forests predict 50% increase in biomass usage. Ah, yes, it intends to burn coal for 60 years.

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Controversy with the President about deals with futures warlords

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Crisimir Karakchenov entered an open-ended dispute with President Rumen Radev on the issue of F-16 deals. Last night, in the Panorama broadcast, the head of the state explained the transaction dimensions in detail and the Americans offered to take 3.45 billion, which should be paid in advance. Ramdev warned that if the Bulgarian government negotiated to reduce costs, then it would cut off the capabilities of the aircraft. We do not need airship aircraft, "the President said.

Karkachevano today commented that the price of the fighters is 2.2 billion and they do not know where the president has other information. Ten days ago we sent them a proposal for a contract, the Deputy Prime Minister had added reporters to Troion. Karakchenov argues that the US There will be some adjustments in the treaty. In his words, it was not easy to deal with the deal and modernization of our army. If that was the case, the President had to do this in his words, when he was the commander of the Air Force.

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