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Curro releases Uruguay from America after the Peruvian Drama – Football World – Other


After defeating Uruguay in a 1/4-final battle with 5: 4 score, Peru's Copa América qualified for the semi-finals. After a 0: 0 sentence in a regular time penalty, Luis Suarez passed away fatal from Uruguay, and the Peruvians did not make a mistake in white at any time. There was a role to draw zero in regular times and in the VAr system.

One of the Uruguay leaders in the 14th minute of the match was shot by Luis Suarez. After a dozen minutes, the team failed to write the poem after a top attack. So both the teams have broken the 0-0.

In the 60th minute, after Cawney put it in the net, the ball fell into the net of Peru, but the referee attacked VAA.

In the 75th minute the ball again went to the door of Peru, but again it was not for a collision with a VAR target.

Uruguay - Peru

Source: SecondNES

By the end of the regular era, Uruguay had a powerful attack, but Peru was successful in keeping a draw on a regular basis.

In the penalty shootout, Luis Suarez Uruguay remained the first behind the ball, but he did not realize it. Guerrero proceeded to Peru and Cavine scored the score equally.

Uruguay - Peru

Source: SecondNES

By the end of the show, all the players were innocent, as in Uruguay they were stew, Bentcoir and Torreira, and Peru – Ruidias, Jotun, AndyCulla and Flores, who sent Peru to 1/2 finals against Chile.

The second semi-final is between Brazil and Argentina.

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