Thursday , June 8 2023

Elana Yanchevva gave a big blow to corruption in the government, so Satsarov beat her


Just before Elana Yanchev asked for the defense, the BSP leader in Panama said that the government had talked with Coronella Ninoova about a very serious issue about corruption.

On the same day Elena announced her plans for the announcement of her inquiry, which Coronelo Nino called her "a great shock." The procedure of the Chief Prosecutor is the desire of the government to prevent this investigation.

Niko promised to announce his findings next week. They are corruption related to construction.

The building chamber leadership took part in a meeting and asked not to reveal the case because our funding in Europe was trying to stop. It will not be a goal to continue corruption, she said.

Danny Drobe responded to these attacks following the revelation of Elguja Haskovo's Ghugate to these assaults. Anton Todorov (Sheikha Book 1: Boyco, Rozen, and others), demanded Sanjurov Yanchev's defensive, as well as the Cookiegate personalized by Daniel Drebwe, Boycó Borisov, Gabriel Deptiles Tota Bykov (author of cartoon writer of dictator) and Anton Todorov.

A political strike against an investigative journalist. How do you explain the money laundering for a camera and the journal about Syria?

They also responded to the MP from BSP. Satsarov wished for immunity. Two years later no one understood that in Parliament a parliament was named George Mihilov. When he came into the healthcare system, they immediately beat him. BSP leader Vadapatath asked him to wait for two years if he was a culprit.

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