Wednesday , May 18 2022

FBI has issued a warning to a criminal manufacturer that Ralitsa Pasqualeva has warned


A US builder who suspects fake filmmakers attracts young bulgarians. That is why they are uncomfortable with Raleigh Pasklewa, who is going to participate in the project.

Girls are attracted by good salaries and unemployment benefits in the film behind the ocean.

In connection with Casanova's confession, he contacted the man with the passaskel. They offered a $ 1 per day offer of a mega-production in a number of countries across Europe and throughout the ocean.

"It was for her to call me on the phone, and she began to swell in some of the lies," Nova TV said. They file a signal with the FBI.

The lady and the woman decided to check the person she was talking about. The "manufacturer" realized that there was a very serious criminal record.

"This man has two robbery cases and 4-5 for drug use, including sexual harassment complaints, one of his victims has been given a $ 40,000 compensation," she said.

Many of the offer girls have disappeared. One of his relatives filed a signal. The police intervened and expelled him from the project.

"They send an air ticket and they are engaging in sexual exploitation, and the moment they leave, they lose control of their lives, and their resistance is so violent that they are easy to destroy," said Rossita Yane, a local commission for counting transferring in human beings.

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