Monday , March 27 2023

Fight for a way to take advantage, Tiradzi has almost become blind – Bulgaria News • Recent news and updates


This morning a real action-action game took place on E-79 Main Road near Dupnitsa. Nervous drivers scam over seized benefits, reports.

The tiradzia from Sandhansky did not go to the side so the car was easy to pass. This made the driver angry, he got out of the car and sprayed the driver of the heavy truck.

Sandchanin was immediately taken to the emergency room, where his eyes were washed.

The Struma Highway near Dupnitsa is closed on Saturday. It is a section between Dupnitsa and Boboshevo. This is because of the fire damaged in the overpass in the area. Traffic is directed through E-79. This has led to difficulties in driving and frustrated drivers.


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