Sunday , January 24 2021

For Political Sevantanov fighters: President GEERB wanted to take their blurred fruits

Tsvetane Tsvetnov


Tsvetane Tsvetnov

The nation, Raman Radeve, announced that the new army's fight would hit Bulgaria, reminding the GERB administration officer, "Gdidijkov", the office of deputy chairman of Gwetten Tsvetnov.

The state's criticism is for a process where on December 21, the draft decision was presented in the Council of Ministers, according to which our country is closed on the US F-16. Responding to Tsvetnov takes into consideration the decision of the office of Radev, according to which Swedish Gippon is the most profitable offer for fighters.

With the election of new types of aircraft during the "Gardozkov" cabinet, Raumann Radeev and the official government wanted the next national assembly and the next Cabinet to take their blurred fruits, followed by Rumen Radev, who personally appointed the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Quoted by the GARB Press Office, Tevetov said today in defense of defense, in the short and short term, to make the process final, the enemies are needed.

According to Tevnetov, this decision will most likely take the government decision to pick new types of combat aircraft this Wednesday. Then there is a debate in the National Assembly, which should be ordered by the government to finalize the process.

"I am acting as head of state Raumen Radev and integrating nation and not working successfully with Bulgarian institutions." Let's see which countries evaluate the defense ministry experts and which states support their theory of fighters, chairman of GERB parliamentary group. He added that it is not normal for the official government to ban the possibility of next regular designated cabinet, which will be subject to parliamentary inquiry to complete the process.

Tsvetnov stressed that the allegations of Lobbyism were not true by the head of state. "Every decision of our country is political." The decision to join the European Union and NATO was the same, and representatives of the Bulgarian organizations have always followed and are subject to the Euro-Atlantic attitude of Bulgaria, which in return is a guarantee for our security. "It's still.

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