Monday , January 25 2021

Force Uber and Google to share map data:

Open Data Institute: push Uber and Google to share map data

Photo: Reuters

The Open Data Institute, quoted by the Financial Times, says that the UK government should share their map data to Google, Apple, Uber and other companies so that other companies can develop Autonomous Car, Drones and Transportation Apps.

Organized by Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Sheldblatt, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University, the organization has warned that big technical companies have become "data monopolies".

The group argued that the British Geospatial Commission should force companies to share their cartographic data with their competitors and the public sector in their database, or to do so legally.

OpenType Institute CEO Jenny Tennins said, "Google is trying to provide better services to its customers and users with all other companies like Apple, Uber." The CEO of the Opti Data Institute said. "This is not the best because we are talking about the organizations, repeat these efforts, which means that people usually get the best service from collecting and keeping data, big companies are becoming more and more monopolies of data and that Our data brings us the best value "

Cartographic information in question is in demand, as cities and companies are searching for the use of new technologies, such as automatic cars and drops, which depend on a detailed map.

Companies such as Google, Apple and Uber are investing millions of dollars in landscapes to create huge volumes of documents and roads, how traffic is used in the land and where there are limitations.

There is a growing concern about how this data volume can affect competition, at the time the call was made to the Open Data Institute, making small organizations easier to innovate because they had a lack of equal access to information.

Traffic regulator in London said that the programs of shared travel should be forced to share their transport data with the government. Uber has already made its traffic data and travel status publicly available in the United Kingdom.

EU competition commissioner Margaret Vestaguer said at a conference in Lisbon this year that data prominence has become a concern. "When only a few companies have huge information, it is very difficult for each other to compete with them," she explained.

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