Sunday , August 1 2021

Full Shock! Black Friday blew the Internet and the Mounds were empty! Blitz

Disagreeing with false promotion, Black Blade showed Trude to Sofia's largest shopping centers, half of the Friday mall. Single stores have announced a large discount and some customers have been discounted at discounts, especially for some products.

Promotion hunters were in front of a computer display, and especially on their phones, on November 23, the first data on the volume of online commerce was shown. Internet stores record recording, for smartphones (see box), the highest growth in shopping by specialized mobile applications.

On Friday afternoon, there was not much traffic around the moles, and there was no crowd in the shops, Trude wrote. Our voting has found that few customers have come for long-awaited promotional purchases.

The young mother, Svetoslav, explains that she knew about Black Friday, but for that she did not come. She agrees that declines are not real and values ​​are artificially blossomed before. She bought clothes and shoes for her child, but not from the big shops on the show.

Georgia and Maryla are specially in the Black Friday mall. He bought a jacket and boot and went to the laptop. She has not liked anything yet.

Dimitri bought the TV, but not promotions, but he was burning the elders. But they reduced the 10 percent reduction.

The family of Alexander and Danietsa has a big deal – 55-inch TVs. He waited for promotion for the lucky months to get out of the technical circuit. She hopes that a big investment in the family budget and a new investment will be made to buy the rest of the woman

The couple passes along with Blaigayee, who is waiting for her shopkeeper at the entrance of the shop. Black Friday does not "spoil it", she does not firmly trust the cut truth.

Immigrants Emile and Essen have returned home for a while – one in Germany, another from England. They say that they are "desperate" from Black Friday in Bulgaria. In their words, the goods in our country are more expensive, as well as lesser. Even with real discounts, the price in metropolitan malls is higher than the people of the West. According to his view, this is because online marketing is already "overpowering".

Salesman Eli works in a clothing store, doing a lot of work, who has done a lot of work. She says that her days are "madness", there are many people and more than usual sales. Sweater is best to wear.

In most stores, however, there are only a few customers at a time and a maximum of two or three queues for cash.

In Bourgas and Stara Zagora

The company's stores attracted most customers

He spent the middle of Black Friday Bagas. The shops did not want to shop with discounted nail shopping. Here and there the client asked for a hot hats, mainly due to strong winds and cold. Reduction was 10 percent.

There was also no shopkeeper in one of the big shops in the Troykata Square. Two malls crowd more customers. There, the interest was mainly in the company's clothing and footwear stores. The decrease was between 20-30%. There were promotion items: "Buy three – choose four".

In the two malls of Star Zagora, some slippers for goods have reached 70%. 50 percent of cheap branded sports goods, luxury underwear, shoes, clothing, some cosmetic items were sold. Between 15 to 20% discount, critics of costly perfumes have received

At the same time, some merchants, especially those who sold computer equipment, closed their offices and made purchases for visitors, and did not offer telephone advice on Friday, so they could request a priority from their internet sites. Generally, the purchase of online claimed computers and peripheral devices is increasing by almost 10 times this day.

Shopping centers and grocery stores

Warrens gave a tail to the shoe for shoes, tools and steaks

Footwear for shoes, clothes and cosmetics in Black Friday Malls in Borne. In some stores, where discounts were more solid, there was a crowd all day. The crowd bought half-price branded clothes, even a tail was made on the Dubbell stand, because the devices were sold at a discount. Sellers from Trading Stores in Trading Malls share with Trude, or 10 times increase in turnover due to the purchase of TV shocks. Friday's grocery stores were more expensive than major grocery stores. For the promotion of fruits and vegetables, hype market clients were crowded for steaks in 5.25 kilograms. Black Friday only went through the cooperative market and the fish market, where prices remain at the normal level. As a counterpoint to the market fever, charity is organized in a library in the malls, in which 10% of each purchase value will be donated to UNICEF.

Bulgarian shop by phone

Most Wanted TVs & Laptops

It's clear at the beginning of Black Friday this year that consumers like to use mobile devices to browse online and purchase. During the first hour of the campaign, more than 74% of site visits were conducted by the mobile app, according to data from one of the largest online retailers.

The first order on Friday was made at 7:08:08 pm, in which Beginnen was registered for the first hours with an order of 18,948,000 – 16% more in the same period last year.

"Customers are interested in basic categories like home appliances, small electric appliances, TVs, phones and laptops, but there are special offers such as event and car tickets," the online store said.

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