Saturday , January 23 2021

Gypsy Nicolle, running a sword with a sword, screamed: "I'll pull you down! I'll come home and delay you

Regional Prosecutor Office – Sleeve holds for 72 hours Nikolay D. It is alleged that on 19.01.2019 in the city of Sliven, he did reckless actions, violated the breach of public and expressed explicit disrespect for the society, as the law opposed the authorities of the protection of public order – two police officers , And its content is discriminated against with extreme suspense and it represents a dangerous arrest – this Tikala 325, an offense under para. 5, para 2, para 1, art. 29, para 1, b. Criminal Code "B"

Still persecuted: with the sword Gypsy attacked the police

It has been alleged that on the same day, in the case of continuous crime in the slaye, the police officer "used words, in relation to the execution of her and her office." I will pull you down, "and with an action-swelling of an acute substance (an iron bar with an iron bar), and on the same day he tried to attack the police officer using the words" I will come to your apartment and I will excite you " The invitation could increase the legitimacy of their realization – Section 144, Penalty under Para 3, Para 2, Para 1, Art 26, Para 1 of Criminal Code.

The district prosecutor's office, Slyven, is due to file a request for detention on the remand with the accused.

Expect details in Blind!

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