Friday , January 27 2023

Hamilton behind the 3-point grid


Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton; Photo: Spacious Geneve

Lewis Hamilton received Penalty Transfer of 3 places in the Austrian Grand Prix Grid. The reason for the approval was to block Kimiko Rickon during the Red Bull Ring qualification.

After listening to two pilots and reviewing the video recording, Stewards said that the Englishman had stopped the Alfa Romeo pilot. Punishment means that Max Westppe will start from the winner of the first row with postman Charles Lowler.

"I absolutely deserve punishment, I have no problem accepting it. I was wrong and I took full responsibility. It was not deliberate. Tomorrow is a new day," said Hamilton's commentary.

George Russell received the same penalty for a situation where Dilil Quiet was forced to leave the track to avoid the clash. Stuides noted that the British pilot did not get timely warning about a competitor near Torre Rosa. The attendance of the Alex XX was also taken into consideration. In the end, it has been said that Rachel had stopped Quiat and approved.

"Unfortunately, our qualification was ruined by blocking. It takes us a lot of time," Quwy said.

"I can not say much unless it is very frustrating. I felt good in my car. My journey was great and I would have time to qualify for Q2. It is a pity that I failed to show the capabilities of the car. , But that would be a difficult race. I think I can be at least 10 in Q3 too. "

Russell explains that the queue was closer than expected because of the car's tail against it.

"I tried to stay inside, but the moment I got out of the track, Williams pilot adds," I'm sorry for Danil, it's not deliberate.

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