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How the movement is changed due to the repair of Bulgaria Blvd – Bulgaria


P. The symbol of the canvas of Sofia Boulevard, which will be done in the stage, requires movement changes in the movement's movement. On Sunday, June 30 the reconstruction of main road artery begins.

Fandakova: There is a lot of improvement in the Bulgaria blight.

In the first phase – from 30.06.2019 to 04.07.2019,

Registered by Sofia municipality, in the department of Vitosa Blvd, in the section of Panko Slavikov Blavad, road vehicles on the south road are forbidden to enter the Bulgaria Blow.

In the second phase – from 05.07.2019 to 19.07.2019,

It is restricted to the entry of road vehicles on the southern road of Bulgaria Blade in the Department of Accession. Ivan Eve Cherish's Yeah Blow by Geshov Because in this same section there is traffic on Boulevard's northern road.

From 30.06.2019 to 04.07.2019 The paths of bus lines, 76, 204, 304 and 604, have been partly changed in most of Orlov's square directions: "Bulgaria" from Blvd. "Penko Slavicov" Blvd. on the left side of the Professional High School of Textile and Fashion Design. On, on the right, Bulgaria Blvd. On and on its route

"Panoco Slivikov" is a floating stop on Blvd, after the Vintosh Blade, with the number 76, 204, 304 and 604, the bus is open to the square "Orlov Most Hundred".

From 05.07.2019 to 04.00 to 04.07.2019, bus line № 76 road has changed in the direction of BC. "Gotz delchev" is as follows: "Bulgaria" Blahed, "Panoco Slivekov" on Blvd, on Vintosh Blvd, "Byala Cherkawa" on the Streive, on the right "Patko Y. Todorov" on Blvd. Prevent all present bus and tram stops in the transformed band of roads.

In the direction of the National Palace of Culture, partial changes to the paths of bus lines, 76, 204, 304 and 604 are as follows: crossroads from Bulgaria Blade – Akad. Ivan Eve Geshov "-" Petko y. Toadorov "Bulgaria Blvd on Blvd. North Road on Crossroads on Bulgaria Blvd. -" Professor. Father Nanssen "- Cherny Vahha Blood. And along with her way.

"Petko Y. Todorov" before Blvd "Bulgaria" is a temporary stop at Blvd. Bus Lines 204 and 304 in the direction of National Palace of Culture. Closes the "Stop Stops" with Code 0268. Blvd. Ekad Geshov "in the direction of the National Palace of Culture for Bus Route 76, 204 and 604 in the direction of" Cloth and Fashion Design "on the Bulgaria Blade in the direction of the National Palace of Culture for Bus Route 76, 204, 304 and 604 and code 1736.

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