Thursday , January 28 2021

Iliyyan Eliv: I have made many compromises with Ilya Hassan

Black Sea's senior coach Eli Eli said that he had made different different compromises with Elia Hass.

Coach announces that the decision to reach this is individually.

The Black Sea escaped with Elias Haas

The defender left the Black Sea

Sailor Elias escaped with Hassan

"I have made a lot of compromises about Hasses, and I think that there is a desire to achieve success and it's time to break down as a normal person, and it is my decision and it is also on it to check a team level.

We are currently looking for the final defender. Three players have left us, we will draw a total of three. We currently have 25 players. We are waiting to join the other player.

We want to achieve good results. Obviously those coming to the stadium do not want the team to play well and lose. They want to win it. So our desire is that one team needs to see that any match can discuss three points with each competitor and win more than ever, "said Eli Eliigay.

A new director begins to work in Black Sea

A new director begins to work in Black Sea

Cologne is the new head of the club's Giorgi Club

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