Friday , January 22 2021

Important Meeting Styonovich – Rousseau in Lewis – BG Football – First League

An important meeting will be held in the Lewisky camp. Serbian coach Slavyšeš Stojanovic, who has a Slovenian passport, will talk to the club owner Spas Rusev.

"I have guests now and do not want to talk. I am coming to Bulgaria on Monday, I will have a meeting with the owner Spas Russe. After that, I know everything and I can say what I will do," coach Slavissa against the Meridian match Stageanovich said.

According to the media, the expert's statement ensures that he is not certain in Guarenna and adds:

According to the acquaintances at the meeting with Spas Russev, Serb Levinci will try again to exit Leviški without paying penalties without the Federation. "

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