Friday , August 19 2022

In the early part of 2018, 12,000 women shrink their motherhood – Society


In the first nine months of the year, approximately 12,300 mothers returned to their child before the age of one. So their pay and half of their wages say in the text. Labor and Social Policy Deputy Minister Tornínia Rucinova.

Rusinova BTA reminded us that the motherhood of our country is the longest in the EU – 58 weeks and a half.

Considering the absence of workforce employees, the issue is to provide stimulus and support to women who want to go to work earlier. In Bulgaria, jobs for men and women aged 29-54 are not less than 3-4 years, and there is no pay for conflicts in many European countries, Rusynova added.

With the support of young mothers who want to return to work, there is an employment plan for parents in Europe, funding of the parents. Parents' children were not admitted to kindergarten. This Scheme will be given to a baby for 18 months, and she may be close relative as long as she is registered in the labor market.

The draft budget of 2019 and the social community we have so far, said Rusinova. For BPL women 150 million BGN has been allocated 40 million euros.

However, the most important thing is that there are reforms in the social sector, which will bring resource to people in the most effective way, said Rusinova.

In her view, the issue for children with disabilities has become very politicized. Rusinova added that along with the upcoming changes in legislation, the demands of the protesters will be fulfilled and the idea of ​​protests will be suspended.

In November, the deputy minister announced that European and European instruments would start a new project. Municipalities will be able to develop medical and social promotional programs along with health institutions. The idea is to provide integrated services and have simple lives and disadvantages to small migration to visit the nurses or the doctor.


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