Monday , August 2 2021

Investors' advertising policies before the Euro election: Google:

Google tightens the rules for political advertising before the European elections

Photo: Reuters

According to Bloomberg reports, the US Technology company Google will develop new rules in Europe to increase the transparency of political advertising.

Thursday's Alphabet Ink Department's Statement, how many popular internet services are used to deliver false information during elections, it comes after one year of global criticism. There is another lack of advertising about who pays for political advertising, especially the topic of comment.

In September, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other technical and advertising companies agreed on a joint code of self-regulation in Europe to fight the spread of "fake news". As part of the code, Google and Facebook have committed themselves to developing tools for the transparency of political advertising on the Old Continent.

On Thursday, Google announced that it would require a confirmation and confirmation before advertisers could pay for political advertising. Facebook also said that similar procedures have been started in Europe too.

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