Friday , May 7 2021

Kerman Donewe shrugged with Swetellio Evanov, and spoke to him (photos) – Blitz

Popular actor and director Kiman Donewe admitted BTV's main sleeves, Ivanov in a scam.

Donave said that shortly there was a strange story with the policeman. Everything is played in RuZ region.

"I was driving. Suddenly a policeman came out of my car and I was going to crush it. I would crush it straight", so the actor started his story.

"He introduced me and started calling me" What was yours? What are you doing Are you a man? Get out of the car! "I thought he would kill me or arrest me. I would break him with my car. But he asked these strange questions softly and said," The director continued.

Cruel play! In the hair of death, Camon Donov survived a cruel destruction

"At that moment, suddenly he said to me," Did you criticize? What kind of a wife does she choose? She is your fan, "she said, light it. Then she gave me two tickets for my show," the actor said.

Here, the 120-minute lead asked him, "Did he give it?"

"No. He is a policeman, he can buy two tickets," the director cut off.

Caman Donovi has also decided to share his opinion on Black Friday: "For me, black Friday, where people are pushing for garbage and pushing, it's natural."

Actor could seam with two points.

"I want to give this to you. There is enthusiasm, many festivals and people drink, and the next day they are sorry. This interest can be very useful. I know that you do not abuse, but .. "The actor said.

Donev, however, wrote a biography book by Swatley Evanov, who briefly dispelled the leader and said "My mother is a big fan. Can you autograph it?".

The main person asked, "Yes, what is that", and immediately wrote a book with the desire of Rumayana, mother of Kamen Divev.

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