Saturday , January 23 2021

Ludogocore announced big transit, took Romanian national from England

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Another famous Romanian footballer will play in Ludogorates. This is the national Adrian Popa, currently owned by English Reading. Seven-time Bulgarian champions and championship club leaders agreed that the option of buying a footballer will be given which can be used at the end of the season. The relief agreement is to be signed in early February 2019. Until then, Adrian Pope got special permission from his club to pass a medical examination and participate in Ludovorts training camp in Turkey and take part in the control meetings.

The 30-year-old footballer started his active career in 2005 in Poulayneika (Timisoara). He was in the team from the West Romanian city until 2009, and was given to Buffett and Gloria (Buzau) for that period. After that he transferred to the University (Cluj), then went to Concordia (Kijna). Between 2012 and 2017, Adrian Pope plays for Romanian Staua. 137 matches with 13 goals with the "Stellists" midfielder team She has been a reading footballer since 2017, and she is hired in Al-Tawn (Saudi Arabia) by January to June 2018.

Romanian national team Adrian Pope has 22 goals, with 3 goals. An interesting fact about the Pope's career is that in 2014, as a Steua Player, he took part in both the matches against Ludovorrates from the Champions League playoffs. Then, the Bulgarian champion removed the KESH winner from 1986 after being shot as a goalkeeper by Mocky in a penalty shootout. Popova was one of Stoya's footballers who had made a white point in the play "Vasyl Lavisky".

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