Saturday , April 1 2023

: Mandi Moore re-married ::


Actor and singer Mandi Moore walked to the altar. The musicians Taylor Goldsmith told him, "Well," she told him they stayed together for three years.

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Wedding ceremonies were held on weekends. It was a bohimian style of happy Aji's family. About 50 people attended the festival. Moore's co-worker "V Arram Year", Mili Venmina, and Christie Meets. Meat Resources, Vegetarian, Raw Foods and Milk Powder – are the main cuisines in the festival menu. Instead of getting married with a cocktail, they did not like traditional dinner.

Mandy and Taylor met through Instagram in July 2015. Two years later, Goldsmith deserved to be married. This is the second marriage candy actress. Ryan Adams married in 2009, until she was married to her present husband.

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