Wednesday , August 4 2021

Nam Shippov presses tea for baby after engagement – Blitz

StumbleUpon StumbleUpon StumbleUpon Star Nam Shopov Jr. has joined her longtime friend. Screen doctor Boris Shesev, who recently finished his medical education, finally dared to marry the beauty of Tinquanova.

From the posted social networking footage, it became clear that the successor of Shofovi's artistic family surprised her boyfriend on the drying runway. Naum no longer hides on high-speed and fast cars, so he decided to donate Thea with the engagement ring on the car platform. Many people were amazed by this fact, because recently Youth has not said to the shop that she was ready for the wedding. On the contrary, in his interview, he shared that he is not in a hurry to the citizen and that he intends to take that step for a long time. That's why fans of some actors expressed doubts that there is a specific reason for their engagement, a child.

The truth is, the illustrator Tsev is not yet pregnant, but he is both ready and working hard for heir, giving to his relatives. The stolen life war has successfully completed its medical education and there is a group of activities in which it constantly earns revenue and financial problems do not worry about it. Recently, Nam and T. bought a large apartment that presented the latest fashion, and after reducing the nest, apparently felt that it was time to become a real family, writes Weekend.

In addition to participating in the most popular Bulgarian series, Shovov is already studying medical profession and is preparing to make a career in plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, a new adventure started – a joint venture with Danielle and Alexandra Petkinvi started. They opened their advertising agency, which they intend to develop. On Nouveau Social Network, there are about 70,000 followers who promote profit by promoting various products. Now her career has been steadily moving, so the young surgeon has finally taken seriously the issue of parenthood. He hoped that tea has not suffered any difficulties in getting pregnant and will soon bury the child.

Noum and T are more educated, but their love is filled only after graduation. They came in the street in front of Sofia University and started online communication which resulted in a happy relationship. Charming Mincova has a twin sister named Aya and she works in a bank, but with her favorite friend, she also comes in the spotlight. Singer Lubo Kirov has recently invited her to take part in her latest song "Latham", in which beautiful girl has many scarf underwear. In the summer, TA raised its busts in different sizes, and so it got a much more spectacular appearance. She is Dr. Angel took advantage of Enchew's services, which is a close friend of his fiancee. The shop himself himself attended the surgery and made sure that he was running without complications. Mincova filled his boss with a total of 700 cubes and was very pleased with the final result.

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