Wednesday , May 18 2022

Not me, but a radar populist


"Citizens have the right to claim, but their ideas must be put on democratized states – just the way we can go." Of course, if there is a revolution, those who have begun to initiate illegal revolutions must be responsible. "

The President of Bulgaria has stated in Rosen Plavevinivay 2012-2017.

He described the "strange" aspect of cars appearing in Russian identity numbers to "drive the protest against high fuel prices" in Burgess.

"This is actually a monopoly on Russian company Lugo in Bulgaria, but in other cities like Pernik, such as Blagoevgrad, a TV anchor and his screenwriters are very close to these protests."

"We have repeatedly gone through the protests and there have been many civil riot cases but it is essential for us to move forward on a democratic and legal path, so the voice that our democracy is going to listen to and hear is ultimately illegal and their ideas are illegal," the Popular Demonstration He said.

"I was one of the main actors in state as the head of state but for more cities, higher fuel prices, power and energy conglomerates – as head of state, I went to street protesters and invited them to presidential institutions. Protesters, protest demonstrations, trade unions Ukal, led a discussion with employers Vinod. So you can hear everyone's voice is in a difficult situation in a country. "

"The president played a role in uniting the protesters and protesters." Finally, in a democratic way, we went through a very difficult period – people rested, fair elections, and my biggest concern for our democracy is that the ruler does not do such a thing, "said Rosen Fleinvev in Bulgaria national radio.

"For these protests, the state is inactive and he will not use any opportunity to give the constitution the opportunity to go forward that moment, as I do with the institutions of the Bulgarian government." The head of state is playing the role of a common democracy. It's not a popular struggle for the love of the people, "what President Ruman Rade described as" what the constitutional achievement is, you have to learn. "

"The government does not like to play the populists," said Rosen Flewennev, "The current administration should begin to uphold the encouragement of not only him but also" brought this management to Bulgaria ":

I think President Rajiv is very strong in Deshabhimani – I have many good speeches from a very pleased heart. "I am willing to join hands as an objective person," Bulgaria President 2012-2017.

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