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We had to enjoy a big football show at 22 o'clock on Saturday night – the final redecorate between the Argentine River Plate and the big enemies of Boca Juniors for Copa Libertadores. However, this does not happen, the game is postponed after 24 hours.

The reason for this is that there is enthusiasm for the river fans. They attacked Boca's bus with stones and bombs. Most of the vehicle's windows were packed with pieces and wounded in the team. Pablo Perez and Leonardo Belaand suffer a lot, who were taken to the hospital, and after a few hours they returned to the stadium with bandage. Due to inhalation of tear gas used by the police against fans, most of his teammates looked very bad.

Boca has announced that players are not physically and emotionally in order to come out on the field. However, this game was often re-scheduled with the idea of ​​keeping on schedule.

The South American Football Association CONMEBOL did not hide that they want to play the game anyway. It is alleged that FIFA president Jeanine Infinito has also told Boca's management that if the players do not go out on the field, then the team will be ineligible. There is also a medical report that ensures the injured players, but said that their wounds are not serious for delay in fighting. The coach team also appeared on the pitch, but not the players.

In the end, it became clear that the two teams had signed an agreement not to hold the match for the night, and that ended their deadline on Sunday night. Meanwhile, the clash between police and river fans is moving forward from the L-Monumental, and the arrest is currently 16.

We remember that the first match between the two teams ended 2: 2, and in the case of the new draw, additional time and finals would be fine. For the first time in history, two Argentine grandfather Dada Copa Libertadores plays each other in the finals.

Here's how the Boca players experienced the attack on the bus:

You can keep the latest news with us from what's happening on El Monumental!

=== UPDATE ===

01:59 Carlos Tewaz's new strong words: "CONMEBOL did not check it manually, I think this match can not be played tomorrow."

01:50 According to the latest figures, the arrested are 29.

01:47 Chaos is apparently going on. The river's President gave an interview, a group of team fans entered the stadium tunnel.

01:45 Just now, the bus came to the El Monumental to take the buses to Boaco and take them to their hotel.

01:40 Gonzalo Lomarde injuries after a bus attack:

00:55 River fans leave the L-monumental after match-dead news. But this leads to a new collision with the police.

00:50 Confirmation of the game's suspension of the river plate:

00:26 Duel has been postponed! CONMEBOL President Alejandro Domingues confirmed in the news that two clubs signed a contract with each other to come out on the pitch. This match will be played on local Sunday 17:00, which is 22 hours Bulgarian!

00:21 At the same time, more unreliable information reveals that Pablo Perez has expressed his desire to return to the Mash Stadium even though he has a medical ban.

00:20 Contrary information comes from Al Monumental. According to some, the initial time will be 00:45 or 1:00, according to others, there will be no matches.

00:17 16 River supporters have been arrested, and the clash outside the stadium is more terrible because it includes people who are not football fans.

00:14 The match must start at any time, but the players are not on the pitch and they will not happen. According to local journalists, we expect to be third and potential suspension, the initial time will be a time of 1:00 Bulgarian time.

00:09 How Boca's players survived the attack: Bus video

00:00 If two coaches are on the pitch, the players have escaped and 15 minutes remaining until the start of the game.

23:50 Build more around the stadium, clash between police and river fans.

23:40 match will obviously do the match. Two coaching teams are on the pitch and are warm.

23:32 Carlos Tavez: "We are not able to play, and they force us to play, that's crazy"

23:25 Pablo Perez has returned to the stadium but is unable to play tonight:

23:08 Boca's director, Oraccio Paolini, is a man who succeeded in bringing the bus to the El Monumental because after the bus attack, the driver was unable to do so.

23:07 The relatives and relatives of the players are very worried because they can not join with them.

23:05 Here some of Boca's players look like this:

Pablo Perez:

And Gonzalo Lemaro:

22:58 Scandal: CONMEBOL and FIFA refused to cancel the final, do not want to play Boca

22:51 At this time we will also look at the official message of CONMEBOL. The new start time is 00:15 hours Bulgarian time, because the game is postponed again!

22:50 Dual is required to start in 10 minutes, but it seems impossible. No team has come out in the team, there is no official club.

22:45 FIFA President Jiani Infinito has told Boca Boss that if the team does not come out of the pitch, they will be inappropriate.

22:39 Boca, clearly and officially clear: "We are not able to play football tonight."

22:33 Looks like a bus here:

22:30 Boca refuses to go out on the pitch. River Plate Coach Marcelo Gillard has confirmed the request to suspend the game. However, COMMEBOL recommends that it will be held for television rights. Boca insisted on the match to be played and run it in another stadium.

22:25 Pablo Perez is the player who has suffered the most.

22:15 It seems COMMEBOL is trying to convince the Boka team to play the game tonight, but players are not physically and emotionally prepared for this kind of thing.

22:05 In an extraordinary meeting, the heads of the South American Football Association and the two club bosses will decide that the match will be held tonight. FIFA Chief is also expected to take part in the meeting.

22:03 Three players have been injured by the river fans fans. They all are taken to a hospital. And the rest of the players are in poor condition because the broken window opened the gas-fed tear gas players. Many of them are vomiting, and the biggest impact is Carlos Tavaz.

21:50 Dual is postponed for one hour, and the reason is that the tower plate fans attack Boca Juniors bus. Uncertain information is inflicted on players!

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