Thursday , June 8 2023

Old Electroball in BG: Is There Such An Animal? – Automatic news


The hysteria of the electric cars with the Tesla brand is very low in our country. These cars are expensive and do not have Bulgaria's official representations, so their service is not easy job. But there is another electric car. There are two generations. The first is sold in secondary markets in Bulgaria.

This is a Nissan Leaf. This is the first mass electric motor in the era. Norway has electric characteristics. Electric taxes are exempt from taxes on gasoline and diesel cars. The machine was awarded Car of the Year 2011, Europe and World World edition.

The leaf strength is 110 hp. It is powered by a 24 kWh battery with a total of 192 cells. The second hand is the first Leaf Worth Buying option, designed to maintain 70-80% capacity after 10 years. Several Non Officers' Offices in the Country limit the price of the model.

Therefore, buying Leaf in this perspective is more meaningful. Nissan Leaf is 117 km away with low autonomy. But everyday city trains are fast enough and fast power stations are already in our big cities. Our Nissan Lee's older models sold in our country, and you can see it Here.

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