Monday , August 2 2021

Playing El Maestro philosopher: He will not complain, we'll be 2-0

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Ness al Maestro's opinion after CSKA's win followed a 2: 0 infections on Danube:

"I am happy with the score, it is not a simple place to play, it is not a simple place to defeat, these three issues are very important today, we did not at least control the fight in the first half, which was not very satisfactory but our control Was on the result "

"This is important, especially at the end of the season, and we have to take all the matches, and we have not shown any efficiency without fireworks, this game does not need to be re-analyzed, it is not the secret that Danube is not the best team in the static defense. But I argue Do not make that we can not play well. "

"We all drew attention to this on holiday, it was 1: 0 and when CSK took 1: 0, it won the match of 95% of the time, which is great, but it is football, sometimes it will be difficult to score against Vitasha Bistrash Sometimes, like the first blow, today. "

"I can not choose when and how to score, but when we do that, I will not complain that despite reaching the dry net we did not have the best performance in the defense. We won 15 points before Christmas and we Have to do it ".

"In the games by the end of the season we expect to play our best football and win matches, we have a Slavia match and Slavia is not a team at the moment but it's quality and has shown that they can play against big teams."

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