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Politics: Budget Debate: Murder, repentance, Punishment


Danel Kirilov

Velko Angelov

Danel Kirilov

The parliamentary debate on the state social security budget has been handed over a common dispute, the gaps and accusations between GPL and BSP. Parliamentary Chairman Suvata Kirilova accused the deputy council of deputy council deputy of the BSP and MRF deputy from the deputy council. Sueta Kirilova, chairman of the parliamentary board of George Sulinski, said: BSP MPs were not in the room during the voting. A mission and your "party's creators" will be punished by removing the motion costs and expenses of all deputies in a census during the census. He was referring to the volunteer who went to a Helipinki an EPP program.

You can not overcome the provisions of the law without regard to legal proceedings, Kirilov replied to the legal commission chairman DANI (GERB). In 2013, Colonel Neena does not have memories. Parliament Speaker Micheal Michelova quarrem defines: "There is a clear majority," Daniel Kirilov urged the BSP to conduct a weekly survey on weekends.

Kirill Lovely said that all the MPs had been forced to take part in the parliamentary work. "Where are you, Mrs. Nino, you do not have a registration as a legal entity," Daniel Kirilov asked. The entire BSP group did not register in the morning to try to break the quorum. "You got here as mice," Kiralov turned to the Opposition.

At the meeting with fellow 79 MPs from BSP, Daniel Kirilov, chairman Emil Hiastov (GEERB) chairman Georgi Sleninski compelled him.

"Give me a punishment in the hardness of the violation, not just for mice, but to be silent," Kiralov said. Ivan Evanov of BSP said about Kisilov's condemnation. "Comparing MPs in different castes is a violation of rules."

Dante Kirilov apologized to the BSP position.

BSP MP Suvaitan Topichov told hrustov that he was a mouse.

I penalize Dinar Kirill's offensive statement addressed more than Biswal's entire parliamentary group, "I do not mislead the topical TopPI from BSP." This attitude is not right, "he added. "If you want to punish me," said Toppache. "Please forgive me as Diana Kerrilov did," Cristo insisted. "I will apologize for a personal conversation," said Toppache. "You have a disgrace here, here is the apology, here is the roses," pointed out Christus's address. He later told Theepan Topikki.

The next year the state had to read the Budget Act and would continue to discuss tomorrow. The Navodaya Expert Committee meeting decided to continue tomorrow. Hristov called a council and declared a break.

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