Monday , August 15 2022

Record owner George Petkkov with request: stop …


The record-breaking goal goalkeeper George Petkov, who is Europe's oldest guardian, He has been waiting for a national team in an official match, his achievements are not important 1: 1 with the Cyprus, Peter Hubchen's players have a good performance. The Guardian in Slavia wanted to avoid telling him about the delay in the game he'd like to preach.

"I miss my record and see Bulgaria how to play it," said 42-year-old Petkov, "I did not call it a bad word about the team for the last 9-10 years, and I have never seen such a team in the team.

"We played well but they were not ready to come in," says Veteran.

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"I should stop playing Gosho Petkov's play in Bulgaria, and today I live longer than in their own goalkeeper," Slavia continued.

"I'm glad to protect the colors of the national team, and I'm really passionate, when I am 42 years old, I'm enjoying it and still playing soccer and playing," Petkov added.

"There are always opportunities, but these two days will pass, we are on our way, it's good that we have been neglected by penalty, and I'm the only Toshkova neutilov is punished." Make sure to play in Slovene on Monday. The task is to get through Cyprus and Task, sometimes it happens, sometimes – no, "the elder ended.

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