Friday , March 31 2023

Scientists have found ways to treat osteoporosis


In the probiotic supplements, bone increases the bone and creates osteoporosis. American researchers have reached this conclusion.

Probiotics volume and bone formation in popularity around the world will be influenced. Laboratory Elys have been treated with probiotic lactocellus raminosose GG. It naturally occurs in the body. If you drink regularly, it causes the bone resonance. This causes the development of a crucial protein for bone growth. Previous studies have shown that probiotics will help prevent loss of dose of dose related to therapeutic treatment. However, their effect on bone health is unclear.

Now, researchers at Emory University have found that probiotics become more accessible, and are often used to treat all kinds of eczema, including osteoporosis, for viral infections. About five million people in Russia are affected by osteoporosis and their bones are much weaker and weaker. Osteoporosis fractures have serious consequences. In 50% of cases, they make permanent damages. Osteoporosis females face Squawnext extracorrhagic females with less than 15 to 20 per cent of deaths per year and 33 per cent of males.

In most cases, osteoporosis patients can not cure effectively due to the side effects of the drugs and the high price. However, the activity of bone probiotic activity has not been known until recently. They need to be upgraded to osteoporosis drugs, but this has not been confirmed by scientific means. Now evidence is a fact.

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