Wednesday , February 24 2021

The eP called the Amazon to stop selling the Soviet symbols

Picture: Roysters

Amazon's chief Jeff Bezos decided to sell it in the Soviet style. This is to sell it on his platform.

In September, US retail firm Walmart called the richest person in the world to sell smart and sham selling clothes in relation to similar complaints.

The 27 MPs from 13 non-commercial countries that display the symbols of the Soviet Union's sickle and hammer sign have been recorded in an open letter on the Amazon platform. Cole's references refer to tights, carnival costumes, banners, souvenirs. The number of victims of the Soviet regime is over 60 million, and more than 10 million are deported to concentration camps in Siberia, inhumane living conditions, forced labor, starvation and physical violence.

Amazon sells red jerseys with a sickle, hammer, and cirricic alphabet "USSS", as previously delivered to Walmart.

German sports manufacturers Adidas decided to sell Soviet style clothing in May.

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