Thursday , January 28 2021

The invading grandmother, Iwanka, knew the man who invaded her house

Grandmother Ivnka Cedere: BTV

83-year-old Grandmother Evanka of Gurkevo, who was attacked and robbed, Is already in good shape. He told himself against BTV cameras.

When the elderly saw TV on Sunday evening, she heard the sound from the door. She had to check, but she did not see anyone. Striker granny approaches Ivy when she puts women down.

"He came to my head and pressed my mouth and started to hit me without talking, how he hit me on the face … during that time he grabbed my cloth and threw me to the ground. I fell and broke my hand on an iron plate. Done and got a big wound. How did I kick, I do not know, I do not know how I got it, "I remember the horrible woman.

After he smashed him, the criminal ordered him to pay the money. After protests, he took a knife from the table, and at that time, Granny Iwanka decided to give money for fear of killing him.

After leaving, an elderly woman approached her neighbor and then called the police.

The woman said that she recognized her attacker – she saw a rum from the city she saw with others. The woman asserted that she did not have any quarrel with him. That man is 40 years old and he is open with crime.

Grandma Iwanka's daughter Maria Koateva understood what happened that night. The woman was angry that the woman had to search for transportation to hospital, and when she came to see, she saw an ambulance, which led to two women coming down.

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