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The New Theater – Bloetz begins with Yano-Burovska-Davinoova and Leibomir Coventry


Jonah Bukowska-Davino and Leopomir Kovachavu started the "New Theater". "We will help people get out of the moral harassment of life," says Boyco Ilyov.

A European tour of contemporary theater projects, the festival of Bulgarian theater, young actors Boko Elev, New New Theater director, director, director, yona baconvas-Davinova and lyubomer koachachav presented the original projects of the play.

A kind of start in Sofia's "The Night of Theaters" is to turn the old and powerful messages into the "antichrist" by Bio Elliv, a playwright and directional Emilian Stane. In Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands, "Portugalchus" praises Demel's novel on a European tour. In the beginning of 2019, the play of the Jordanian radicok will be the "festivals" of the Bulgarian language play in January. We personally learned from Stefan Plachkov, a representative of "Trimo Placovy" who demonstrates the innovative performance of the Laid using silent cinema and circus art. The professor, who led the press conference on the occasion, Lubomier Steykov,

"Performance must have moral messages." New Theater "-" National Palace of Culture "to be held on the stage of the performance requirement of the system, bayeakea iliv, important to emphasize that people play", "to go out and help them from harm and moral life. Purattuvararuten from Bulgarian folk plays and play with authors He will be a special mind. And lastly, the theater and the cultural program of the National palasinre "New Theater" underneath.

One of the main goals of the drama is not just the established and successful Bulgarian actors but also the talented young artists. In this relationship, Beco has presented the showcase of artworks in Elivo drama art – Ivan Rangelow's mono performance – "Pasti Ivy" in Demo Desh, "Monochrome" – "Piclotto" of Kilin Mooh 20/18 Celine Eleven. "Young people give us a new face in the face of the theater, the new life and livelihood, and they do not match the background of the Bulgarian theater, but it has remained unchanged over the last 30 years, but young people will change it."

Ivan Urekov quoted his Mono actress as "the chicken," queue. In the film Feriochi Ben, Noyo Bukovsky-Davinoova plays the lead character. She dances with Liuomi Kovatchev and Ivyso Sahariv. For a calendar year they perform 30 performances on a national tour. All the halls. Programs will be held in six cities of Europe, Vienna, Munich, Zürich, Brussels, Amsterdam and Nuremberg, between January 15 and February 15, 2019. It has also announced that the new theater is being prepared for a modern interactive Mono view called the National Palace of Culture. The National Palace of Culture is located with references to the dance and culture. "Your theater is very important, we can not change people, but we can go back – ask questions and ask viewers to help their viewers develop," said Lyubomir Kovachev, who took charge of the main boys in Poruchik BENZ. "Antichrist".

He compared Bulgarian and French theory to school. He compared the french theater school in Bulgaria, not the French architect, as in the Bulgarian play. But the play's drama and the local actors are good because it has a strong internal chart and power. Stephen Plachkov, director of the La Comedy Program, presented the main character and pulled out of the hall and offered to the audience a chance to show each glass wine and dinner together.

On December 31, the show is expected to commemorate the festive and festive seasons in theaters. He added that "Trio Plachkovi" will be held between 10 and 19 December to celebrate in France.

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