Thursday , October 21 2021

They have fought for the family's life, in which two children are injured near Rajgarh


The children's grandfather died in the next strike and his son was in coma

I told the lawyer's lawyer that a young man and his 7-month-old child in Verna are fighting for the lives of children suffering from cruel head in the collision of the road between Rajgad and Shuman. The baby has a severe nausea-brain trauma, and the father is in coma.

Victims and their other child's wife – 3 years old, have risked life in the emergency room of Rajgad Hospital. The grandfather of two children died in this tragedy. 49-year-old man Mercedes was behind the wheel of a car, who hit a bullfighter car. The incident took place at 12.20 am on the crossing of Gorotsav village yesterday.

Under the supervision of regional prosecutor office in Rajagad, the causes and circumstances of the road leading to road accidents were investigated.

Today, the dead driver's autopsy will be done.

Three employees of BullsControl survived Two of them are small injuries. The truck driver was tested for alcohol, but no attendance was found.

The investigation is ongoing.

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