Tuesday , August 3 2021

They investigate Guantan Mayor for public procurement

1.5 million public procurement inquiries have been initiated in Guliani municipality.

Mayor Lucher Jacob He has given the former wife's company a gas 300,000 to the other. And in the municipality's director's wife's social kitchen 1.2 million So they look at Jacob for a conflict of interest.

Social Petronage has signed a contract with the same company for many years. The contract for the last three is the husband of the director of the municipal property director at Town Hall. The value of the agreement for nearly 500 people is 1.2 million levas.

Against the director of "municipal property" Sica Zaharvova And her husband is currently investigating for the conflict of interest. Johriya, however, there is no problem in getting her husband to command.

"I was in maternal ailment … what should we do, nothing to do?", Zahvleva commented.
And Mayor Lachezhar Yakov approves a public proclamation. And the contractor

Mayer says, "No problem because the company is doing well, it supplies regularly."

Mayor Jacob's ex-wife also won a public contract from the municipality. For the distribution of fuel to the municipality for about 300 000 liters.

"Well, now she is not a woman, I can not ask her to take part. All the hints are given by one person, so BSP stopped it," Jacob said.

The Mayor himself has been elected three times with the support of socialists and believes that the complainant Lachezhar Kremov Wants to take his place. That is why he was constantly sending signals to the organization, so he was excluded from the party.

"Yes, I also report to the Sans and the prosecutor's office, because the Mayor and the family circle of friends do not have the right to order orders," Croumov admits.

Some investigations against the mayor are now underway.

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