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Touch Rosini! |

Stage's stages will be followed by Resolani Oppora's "Sevilla Barber" score for Joao's three weeks at the Open Air Exhibition of the Soviet Union. The Bulfo Agency reported.

Handling string peas from Mandolini structure Napil (Fig: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Professor of Archaeological Research at Opera at Rome Francesco Reggaioni (image: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

For Madelead's "Wilhelm Del", in 1941's Macie Pampi's (Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

"Deer Italy, I love you last" is part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the death of the author. Italian ambassador Stephen Baldly inaugurated the exhibition. In addition to the two curators, Prof. Professor of Archie's Department of Opera in Rome Francesco Reggae and Director of the Sofia Opera Platon Cartel.

In this program, the art directors of the art of the art, the expert representatives participated.

Director Plane Cartelov, Sofia Opera Director (Photo: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Picture: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto

Opera "de Sailville Barber", by Carlo Podoli, 2012 (image: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Professor Professor of the Opera of Archives in Rome Francesco Reggaei, informs diplomats about life behind photographs (Figure: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Italian Ambassador Stephen Baldy is represented by representatives of diplomatic missions (Fig: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Best designs such as Giorgio Di Kiriko, Golgo Discipic, Pearlji PC, Chipriano Epichio Opposo, Filippo Sanchez, Camelo Paravini, and Giovanni Grandi, Veneiera Collagen, Benny Montersoor, Mary Pomppia, Alfredo Furiga.

Let's go to Rossi's "banquet:

Scarid clothes from Le Roy de Gourmet's Leela de Nobylla Opera in 1964 (Figure: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

For the film SemiRimis from Semiomis Opera, written by Perlukzi PC, 2005 (Fig: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

On the Oreget O Otelo for Yago, in 1964 Giorgio di Kirkio (Photo: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

"Sevilla Barber" in Opera 2016 (photo: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Aldo Boothi, who won the Oscar for "The Turk in Italy" in Opera, 1983 (image: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

The film, written for Benny Mondezer (Opera: "Zelmira") in 1989 (image: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Orno-Cost Costume, "Ru Ro De Gourmets in Opera", 1964 Leela de Noble, photographer: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Synderella Costume in Syndira, Woman San Sono, 2016 (image: Evgeni Dimitrov / BulFoto)

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