Friday , March 31 2023

VRro accused Zirovo of bringing DMM to power


"For the movement, the Movement Movement for Rights and Freedoms, its leader, Walon Sidouv, opens a silence to the MRF and they become five for returning to power." NVV said VMRO Deputy Chairman and MEP Angel Djambaski also said. Vice Premier and NFSP leader Valari Shimonov were the deputy prime minister of the VMR. Sodouvov stated that Krmzmari should resign.

Digambasaki added that there is no need for new ministers from the United Nations.

At a meeting of parliamentary group Tuesday, Wolverine Cdroov did not inform the press about his demands. According to the number of MPs, NFS, and Afghanistan, Jijasaf said that "a group of patriots" does not usually support his chairman's needs.

The deputy chairman of VMO said that Vallan Sidrove Group should not be removed if it is representative. "Resistance challenges and disrupts normal work".

There are other ministers in the Patrick have their ministers to impose another NFSB male vice-premier status as vice-shimono's vice-primer.

The European Union agreed that the defeat of the European Union elections would result in parliamentary elections. There are many configurations in the UPA's future, "he said. He indicates that United Nations Patrits candidates must be appointed in the larger domestic elections, which include all supporters.

This is not the answer to a question whether there will be a contract with the nomination papers.

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