Wednesday , January 27 2021

VW Chief: Small electric cars will be more expensive than traditional ones

Moving the world gasoline and diesel to electric will ensure long-term energy-efficient future. But this effort will not be cheap. The same German group speaker is the chairman of Volkswagen Hans-Dieter Poch.

On Sunday, in an interview with Welt M. Songteg, they are trying to "cool down" the eager expectation of changing their traditional models from time to cheap electric cars.

Poch states that, if the car is equipped with electric motors, the current prices will not remain at the same level.

Reuters said, "So, it will increase significantly in small car segment."

In the interview, Pierce said that high costs for small electric cars production could make them costlier for low-income people. However, it points out that one of the important targets determined by VWW is to make an electric car affordable for most of the population.

In December, the German Group announced that they would switch to the larger production of such vehicles to meet EU requirements to limit emissions in the atmosphere.

VW plans to invest 44 billion euros in electric cars and unmanned vehicles up to 2023. An important part of these investments will be directed towards production in China.

The German leader must present his first electric vehicle line-id in 2020. The model price for the US market is expected to be between $ 35,000 to $ 40,000.

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