Monday , August 2 2021

Waiting for the execution of the Girima in Brisbane

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Part of Bulgari rival Bulgaria Grigor Demitov ($ 468,910) officially confirmed in the Brisbane tournament.

The charge will open the season for the second year in the Australian city, where he won the title in 2017. This year he reached the semi-finals but lost in the third set of future champion Nick Carrón.

Both will participate in the plan and the new version. In addition, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Ka Nishikori, Alex De Minor, Jo-Wilfred Tonga, Kyle Edmond, John Milman and others will also be present in the courts of Brisbane. Tournament starts on December 30 this year and is scheduled for the final 6th January.

Although his career has 80 titles, Nadal has never been able to win in Brisbane. He entered the race last season, when he defeated Milos Renault from the quarterfinals stage.

Andy Murray of tennis players, the only one apart from Grigor Dimitrov, who holds the Brisbane Bowl in its showcase. In 2012 and 2013, Britain successfully won the tournament, while the finals defeated Khiskovo.

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