Thursday , January 21 2021

Who will be "Footballer of the Year"? Ceremony starts!

The 58th "Football of the Year" poll winner will be announced tonight.

An award ceremony will be held at the Central Military Club in Sofia 18:30. There will be a clear trophy on it.

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Bulgaria's first coach, as well as the best of the Bulgarian championships for 2018 will be awarded. Bulgaria will again become number one player in women's football.

For the third consecutive year a special award will be given "Lion's heart – Trifan Ivanov".

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Traditional voting was done by 118 sports journalists, representing 48 media outlets.

The 58th "Football of the Year" poll is held in partnership with Dax Media, the Bulgarian Association of Sport Journalists and the Bulgarian Football Union.

Jason is the top 3 of "Player of the Year".

Jason is the top 3 of "Player of the Year".

The winners will be known on January 6

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Women's number one is Edka Popradino

The number of women in football in 2018 is Avodoka Popeñinova.

This is the third consecutive award for Florida athletes.

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Michael Angelov has been awarded the "Lyon Heart – Trifan Ivanov" award

The prize for the 2018 "Lion's heart – Triplean Ivanov" was won by Michael Angelov.

Michael's innate illness – is arthropoopathy.

However, he does not stop playing his favorite game – football.

In addition to the prize, Michael received books from Histo Stoicakov and Demeter Berbatov.

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The most beautiful goal

Ivan Petkov (Eater) won the prize for the most beautiful shot in 2018.

"My goal was the most beautiful, it was difficult to come inside the scissors.

Thank you everyone who voted for me. I also thank all "boys", my family and Mr. Balakov, "Petco said.

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Start the official part of the ceremony!

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And Peter Hubeve is already in the hall

National coach Peter Hubechev is in the hall.

In a few minutes he will take his place.

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Event guests have already arrived

Special guests of the event have already started coming.

Plamen takes its place in the MarkH Hall.

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