Monday , January 18 2021

With Pavewell Colv dissolve papers with Stoshanovic

Pavel Colvov and Georgi Dermendezvic are already in the team of Levisky in Aya Napa of Cyprus. They arrived at around 16:30 in a beautiful mood. After settling down, Blue's new CEO went to talk to Slavyka Stojanovich, former coach, to the school.

Stazanovic and his assistant Nabossaas Milosvic and Anvar were chief leaders of Levisky's morning training. Slavia offered Latvia.

Pavel Colleges hold documents for dissolution through mutual agreement. And late training will be led by Staznovich, who will also talk with Dermendezvic. Tomorrow is expected to leave Slavia.

Georgi Dermendegiev: A good person who will take the lead of Lewisky

Georgi Dermendeziv: A good person who will lead Levičikei with "invisible whip"

The expert will have a difficult task to show "Gerena"

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