Saturday , January 16 2021

3 astronauts returned from the International Space Station

Moscow – Three astronauts returned to Earth on Thursday after more than six months at the International Space Station.

NASA's Serena landed on snow-covered steppes in the Russian Soyuz capsule, Kazakhstan, with Anne-Chancellor, Russian Sergey Prokopiv and German Astronaut Alexander Gervest of the German Space Agency, which is about 140 kilometers from the city of Zeyzkazgan. (87 miles) southeast. They are 11:02 AM Local time (0502 GMT; 12:02 AMES) touched the schedule one minute below.

The crew radiated that they felt fine. In helicopters and all-terrain vehicles, Russian rescue teams rushed to the landing site to get the astronauts from the capsule to fire in the atmosphere.

All three have spent 197 days in space. This was the first goal for Anne-Chancellor and Prokopiv, when Gervest completed his second flight for 362 days in orbit, which set the ESA flight period record.

Rescue workers undertook preliminary medical examination leaving capsules in their Balcony Space Suits. Before moving towards their respective countries for more complete check-ups, astronauts will be taken to Zajzakzon for a reception soon.

NASA astronaut Anne McLean, Canadian Space Agency's Russian Oleg Connenko and David St-Jacques, who arrived at the station earlier this month, decided to stay in orbit until June.

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