Thursday , January 21 2021

& # 39; Frostbite in Minutes & # 39;: Environment Canada Warns to Kill Wind Cool-40

It's still cold.

It's still very cool.

Early in the morning of the Ottawa area, there was still a cold warning in the environment Canada on Monday morning.

With a temperature already below -20 C, the wind chill can bring it down to below -40.

And in some other way, in this deep stability, ice continues to play. In the afternoon after this, the flares should be reduced.

Today's high density will be above -17C – which is below the mean low (-15.7 C) for this time of year.

Speaking lower, the temperature will go down to -27 C today, wind chill dialing which is below -36.

The bitter cold will gradually begin to ease on Tuesday.

Tomorrow's high -12 C is expected and finally we will see a little sun.

Not less than a Tuesday, only one degree below -13c. Decreasing from that day is the probability of an ice period later in the day.

Good news on Wednesday is the bad news type of the day, because the summers may be near tropical 0C but warmer weather comes with the possibility of significant snowfall.

More snow!

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Relax your back, you'll need the shovel again.

Wednesday's low-7C will be closer

In Thursday, we should see a high of -4c and lower -11c, just now, the forecast is for more snow.

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