Thursday , May 6 2021

& # 39; Shogun & # 39; Rua returned to the Win column with a delay in the UFC Adelaide Co-Main event

& # 39; Shogun & # 39; Rua returned to the Win column with a delay in the UFC Adelaide Co-Main event

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Former Light Heavyweight Champion Morrisio "Shogun" Rua re-entered Win column on Saturday with the pair of third round Tyson Pedro, with the completion of the third round at number 14 in the UFC Fight Night 142 co-main event in Australia's Adelaide.

Rua proceeded in the general fashion from the start of the fight. He closed the counter combinations and pressured Australian. During the exchange of head, Rua left his feet on foot. Pedro recognized the opportunity and unloaded with the screeching scandal. It is connected to the right hand and the AppurakuMauricio Shogun RuaRuna returned to the head. Lying very much behind Ruana and joined Pedro in the cage.

Pedro separated the sensing that Rua was still not completely saved. Both of them shared the right hand and Rua chose to fight on the ground. He got a takedown and delivered a short elbow to finish the initial round.

The second frame was Rua. After landing on the right, Rua started to clutch. He worked around Pedro's back and dragged him into the canvas. Rua gave a short left arm. Pedro just returned to his feet to get back to the ground. Shogun controlled the entire round without keeping a single strike with Pedro.

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In the final frame, Rua pressed forward. Due to possible foot injury, he landed right and crashed into Pedro Canvas. Rawa followed the offer in the canvas and unloaded with Punch and Hammer Fists until the referee's hand was seen enough.

"Tyson is a great fighter, rounded, very hard person, he forces too much but I have to face it as inspiration. I have been doing this for 16 years. I do what I like to do, and I promise Now that I get more training to come back now and continue doing this for you. "

With victory, the Brazilian veteran has won four of his last five outings. They believe that with this win, they have stepped back in a title fight. He estimated that he won one title shot.

"One more win and I'll go to fight for the belt," he said.

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