Monday , January 18 2021

& # 39; Sopranos & # 39; Prequel Movie: Michael Gandofini to Tony Soprano

Leave it Sopranos Model Gandolini, the late model's son: Prequel to keep this in the family Sopranos Star James Gondolini, will play the younger version of Tony Soper's in the next film, According to the last date of our sister site.

Title, prequel Many saints of Newark, During the 1960s Newark riots and Tony's uncle Dickey Moltsanti, which will be played by Doll and M.Alessandro Nikola John Bernhart (Walking Dead), Vera Farida (Bates Motel), Corey Stall (Cardinal Home) And Billy Magusen (Maniac) Signed to join the cast, but their role has not yet been revealed. Plot details are also low, but the number of movies is expected to show a smaller version of many acquaintances Sopranos Letters

Michael Gandoli is an actor who is in his possession, who appears in five episodes of HBO Dis A year ago He plays the role of his father, James Gandofini, who has won three Emmy as Toby Soprano's Moby Bose Tony Soprao. Sopranos& # 39; Native HBO from 1999 to 2007. (Big Gandolfi died suddenly in 2013.)

Sopranos Creator David Chase wrote a script Many saints of Newark, Amy winner director Alan Taylor – who directed nine episodes Sopranos – Taped to tap this movie.

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