Wednesday , January 20 2021

4-alarm fire at Detroit Eateri on Denforth

Firefighters fire four alarm fires in the building with a Detroit fireery building on Denforth.

The Toronto Fire was kept at Danforth and Chester at around 6:45 on Tuesday.

At the bottom of the building fire and smoke from the floor where the popular restaurant is located.

The fire in the basement is deep.

There are apartments on the second floor but the employees have gone through the building and there are no reports of injuries.

The neighboring buildings have been emptied.

The front door is spread in the Fire Barker Bridges. Firefighters say that at this time it does not seem to be a big loss in the store, but the smoke is an issue.

Fire extinguishers will continue for more hours.

Logan routes from Denforth Jackman are closed in both directions.

18 to 21 fire trucks attend the four-alarm fire.

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