Thursday , January 21 2021

670 drivers charge distracting driving blitz, police say

The Toronto Police say they charge 670 drivers during their one-week "zero-tolerance" traffic blitz.

In an attempt to crack on the scattered drivers, petrol was also patrolled on police angles, cycles, unpredictable police vehicles, pick-up trucks and TTC buses and streetcars for one week from January 14th.

On Tuesday, a news release said on Tuesday, "When you are behind a wheel, you need to send a clear message to all the drivers, then your attention should be on the driving work."

A few weeks after the new provincial guidelines were implemented for the effect of the disturbing driving penalty, came the crackdown.

"Tears fell," Sergeant. Torrento Police Traffic Services spokesman Brett Moore told the CBC Radio Metro Morning that the next day of the campaign is the reaction of some drivers.

First-time criminals will face at least $ 615, and $ 1,000 fine and three demerit points. On January 1 this year, the Ministry of Transportation also has the option of suspending the driver's license for the first trick.

With increased penalties and longer suspension, penalty on the second and third offenses of the driver becomes more difficult.

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