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A Y-brush on CES is a toothbrush that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds

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The Y-brush was made to clean every mouth in your mouth in just 10-second.


Dental chaos is happening this year at the CES. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you brush twice a day for two minutes of teeth. But what do those people know? The French company Fatties has said that you need only 10 seconds to clean your teeth properly. Of course, you have to use a new Toothbrush company named Y-brush.

The 10-second toothbrush is named, the Y-brush is about the efficiency. Instead of moving the toothbrush to a small toothbrush of regular toothbrush, the Y-brush cleans your mouth at a time.

Y-brush does not look like a regular toothbrush. Instead it looks like a small mogord for games. The Y-brush tray is in line with the Nylon Bristles located in the 45-degree corner – ADA recommends keeping the same "corner" normal brain brush in front of your brain. Keeping a target for children is a four-sized size trace for younger people.


Y-brush has two pieces. Trapezoid-shaped motor and brush tray


There is a small handle on the front of the brush tray, which is accompanied by a large triangle-shaped motor that vibrates to clear your teeth. There are three different vibration settings that enable you to find what you feel most comfortable for you. Handle and tooth tray makes a character "Y" shape so the name.

To use it, you add toothpaste, place the Y-brush in your mouth and turn on the motor. As the brush vibrates, you move it to a chewing speed for 5 seconds, then you remove it, flip the y-brush and repeat it.

Looks beautiful, beautiful? When I did not try one in CES, I could definitely see the potential. Y-brush is currently undergoing a clinical trial, which is not required for a professional toothbrush. Besides, Y-brush has not been reviewed by ADA in the US at this time.

Y-brush costs $ 125, which is converted to roughly £ 100 and AU $ 175, which is as much as the value of a premium electric toothbrush. It comes with a handle, brush, charging station, storage footage and a toothpaste app.

You can presently deliver the Y-Brash in April 2019.

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